Online Patient Scheduling

Your Patients Expect It. Why Aren't They Getting It?

Everyone books online today...Movies, Flights, Hotels, Restaurants. You can't beat the convenience.

Except when it comes to making a medical or dental appointment. In your industry, patients don't book online...because you don't let them.

          Until now.

With AppointMaster's Online Scheduling system, you can set your practice apart by letting patients select openings in your schedule using their computers, cell phones, smartphones–any online device they choose. And it's available to them anytime, 24/7.

All it takes is a quick visit to your Web site.
Patients don't have to make phone calls to your practice. Your staff doesn't have the stress of time-consuming phone conversations.

This means more savings and more revenue for your practice. Our online scheduling:

  • Reduces missed appointments and last minute cancellations
  • Helps you save on operating costs
  • Frees up staff for other important work
  • Increases patient satisfaction and attracts new patients
  • Works seamlessly with your current management software
  • Does not require purchasing hardware or software or investing in maintenance

Plus, you have the same convenience of checking and adjusting your schedule online. No phone conversations with staff that slow you down on a busy day.

AppointMaster's Online Scheduling is smart management and smart service.

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